Race regulations 2023



-The Porto Moniz Trail is a Trail Running event, which will take place in the Municipality of Porto Moniz on February 12, 2023, and which includes 3 events: Trail Ultra (48km) in a circular format, Long Trail (26km) and o Short Trail (12km) in a linear format.

1.1 Age of participation in the different tests

-The minimum age to participate in the event is 16 years old for the Short Trail, 20 years old for the Long Trail and Ultra Trail, made in the year of the race.

 1.2 Regularized enrollment

– Enrolling in one of the events of the Trail do Porto Moniz event implies understanding and unreservedly accepting the rules and regulations of the event.

Namely, it is necessary:
-Properly register on the event’s website.
-Participants enrolled in the Porto Moniz Trail, when registering, will have to indicate that they have read the respective regulation and that they agree with it without exceptions, in this way they declare to participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility in the competition. Therefore, they agree not to claim with the authorities, collaborators, sponsors and other participants of any responsibility and in everything that exceeds the coverage of the policy. This act replaces the usual paper Term of Responsibility. In the case of underage athletes the Term of Responsibility must be delivered on paper, which must be completed and signed by their parent or guardian and delivered to the organization upon check-in.
-Proceed to pay the respective registration fee, and it is not necessary to send the respective proof of payment.

1.3 Physical conditions

 Participants must:
-Be aware of the distance and particularities of the race in which they will participate and be sufficiently trained to complete it.
-Having acquired, before the race, a real capacity for self-sufficiency in the mountains, which allows the management of the problems induced by this type of race, namely in terms of changes in weather conditions (night, wind, cold, fog, rain or snow) , as well as the ability to be autonomous between two filling stations, not only in food, but also in clothing and security.
-Participants will have to know how to face physical and mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, joint and muscle pain, etc.
-To be aware that it is not the role of the organization to help a participant to overcome these problems and that this mainly depends on their ability to adapt to the problematic situations arising from this type of event.

1.4 External help

 –Participants are allowed to receive personal assistance given by only one person, and only at checkpoints/supply points previously defined by the organization.

 1.5 Bib placement

-The bib must be permanently visible throughout the race, that is, it must be positioned over the clothes, in the chest or abdomen area and cannot, for any reason, be attached to the leg or back. The name and logo of the sponsors cannot be modified or hidden.
-Only participants with a visible bib will have access to the control/supply stations.
-Failure to observe these rules will result in the penalty provided for in article 2.11.

 1.6 Race conduct rules

-The Porto Moniz Trail, carried out in absolute respect for nature, promotes and favors, above all, fair play.
-It is essential that participants help anyone in danger and alert the nearest checkpoint or contact the organization.
-The organizing entity reserves the right to exclude from the race, even before it starts, any participant who, through their behavior, affects the management and/or proper functioning of the event. If this occurs, the athlete will not be refunded.
-Unsportsmanlike conduct will be sanctioned according to its degree of seriousness, as stipulated in article 2.11.

2 – The race

2.1 Race presentation


-Clube de Montanha do Funchal is the organizing association of the event called Trail do Porto Moniz, which will take place on February 12, 2023 in the Municipality of Porto Moniz on Madeira Island.
-Due to logistical reasons, the Trail do Porto Moniz event is limited to around 800 participants, in a total of 3 events, distributed as follows:

Trail Ultra (48km) – 200
Trail Longo (26km) – 300
Trail Curto (12km) – 300

-The Trail Ultra race (48km), integrates the Trail Ultra Circuit of the Associação de Atletismo da RAM and the National Circuit of Trail Ultra of ATRP.
– The Long Trail race (26km), part of the Long Trail Circuit, is also part of the 2022/2023 Long Trail Championship of the RAM Athletics Association and is also part of the ATRP National Trail Circuit.
-The Short Trail race (12km), integrates the Short Trail Circuit of the Associação de Atletismo da RAM and the National Trail Sprint Circuit of the ATRP.
-The organizing entity reserves 50 places in each race to satisfy its commitments to elite athletes and to the official sponsors of the event.
-The organizing entity also reserves the right to reduce the number of vacancies for security reasons or for any other reason that may affect the proper functioning of the test. All changes will be announced in advance on the official website and social media.

2.2 Race program / schedule

Monday, 28 November 2022 
– Registration opening – event website

Monday, 16 January 2023
– End of registrations that allow with t-shirt

Tuesday, 31 January 2023
– End of registrations

Wednesday, 8 February 2023 (to be confirmed)
– Presentation of the event “Trail do Porto Moniz” – Câmara Municipal do Porto Moniz

Thursday, 9 February 2023
10h00 to 19h00 – Check-in – office of Clube de Montanha do Funchal 

Saturday, 11 February 2023
14h00 to 19h00 – Check-in – Edifício Multiusos do Porto Moniz 

Sunday, 12 February 2023 
05h00 – opening of the event center – Edifício Multiusos do Porto Moniz
05h00 – Functioning of the event center
05h45 – Beginning of entry to the start line of the race Trail Ultra 

06h00 – Start of the race Trail Ultra (48km) – Edifício Multiusos do Porto Moniz

06h15 – Start of athlete concentration of the race Trail Longo – Edifício Multiusos do Porto Moniz
06h30 – Exit of the shuttle to the start location of the race Trail Longo 
07h45 – Entry on the start line of the race Trail Longo (Estanquinhos)

08h00 – Start of the race Trail Longo (26km) – Estanquinhos – Paul da Serra

08h30 – Start of athlete concentration of the race Trail Longo Trail Curto – Edifício Multiusos do Porto Moniz
08h45 – Exit of the shuttle to the start location of the race Trail Curto 
09h45 – Entry on the start line of the race Trail Curto (Fanal)

10h00 – Start of the race Trail Curto (12km) – Fanal

13h00 – Time limit for arrival of the runners of the race Trail Curto
14h00 – Award ceremony of the race Trail Curto 
15h00 – Time limit for arrival of the runners of the race Trail Longo
16h00 – Award ceremony of the raceTrail Longo
17h30 – Time limit for arrival of the runners of the race Trail Ultra
18h00 – Award ceremony of the raceTrail Ultra

2.3 Distance (categorization by distance) / altimetry (accumulated positive and negative slope) / ATRP difficulty categorization.

RaceDistanceClimbDownhillMaximum timeCategoryDifficulty leve
TUPM48km3700m3700m11h30Trail Ultra Médio3 – Extreme
TLPM26km1100m2700m7hTrail Longo2 – Hard
TCPM12km100m1200m3hTrail Curto1 – Moderate 


2.4 Map / Altimetric profile / route description

-The organization will soon make available the GPS tracks of the routes of the races, however, on the day of the race, the signage placed on the ground will always prevail.

 2.5 Time limit

-The Porto Moniz Trail is an event that includes three single-stage races, with a time limit.
-Time barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish line within the imposed time limit, taking into account possible stops (rest, supplies, etc.).
-To be allowed to continue in the race, participants must arrive and leave the checkpoint before its closure, otherwise they will be prevented from proceeding and consequently will be disqualified.
-Any participant excluded from the race and who wishes to continue, can only do so by delivering a part of the bib, detachable for this purpose, proceeding at their own responsibility and in complete autonomy.
-For reasons of force majeure (weather, security), the organization reserves the right to change the time barriers.

 2.6 Timing system methodology

-An electronic time control system will be used. At the checkpoints there will be an electronic station that will record the passage of athletes.
-The participants’ bib includes a chip, which allows the registration of the athlete’s passage.
-In addition to electronic control, there will also be manual control of ticket registration.
-The starting zone will be delimited with metallic barriers. Participants will, obligatorily, have to enter this area at the places marked for chip control. No participant can enter the departure zone without carrying out the chip verification.
-In the starting zone, the clock will start counting at the established time, with or without the presence of the participants. Participants who are not present up to 15 minutes after their departure time or who present themselves beyond this period will be prevented from leaving and, as such, will not be classified.

2.7 Check-Points

-The checkpoints are mandatory crossing points and are located in places defined by the organization. A person responsible for the organization will be responsible for each of these controls.
-Failure to control one or more control points will lead to disqualification of the participant.
-During the race there may be “surprise checks” in order to ensure full compliance with the route. Your position, obviously, will not be communicated by the organization.
-Abandonments must be made solely and exclusively at checkpoints. In the event of an accident or injury in which the participant is immobilized and cannot reach a checkpoint, he must activate the rescue operation by contacting the organization.
-The organization’s contact number, for emergency purposes, will be printed on the participant’s bib and must also be recorded in advance on the participant’s cell phone.
-The organization reserves the right to change the route and the position of the checkpoints / supply at any time, without prior notice. In case of extremely adverse weather conditions, the start may be delayed for a maximum of two hours, after which the race is cancelled. There will be no right to refund.
-During the race, in case of bad weather, and for security reasons, the organization reserves the right to modify the time barriers and, or, to suspend, reduce, neutralize or stop the race. There will be no right to refund.

2.8 Aid stations

-The supply stations will provide participants with food and drink to be consumed on site. While other beverages are available on site, only water will be provided to fill participants’ tanks and other containers. Each participant must make sure, when leaving each fuel station, that he has the amount of drink and food needed to reach the next fuel supply.
-There will be first aid stationed at some checkpoints. It is essential that participants help anyone in danger, alert the nearest checkpoint and/or contact the organization.

2.9 Mandatory material / material check

-During the competition, all participants must carry all the mandatory material. At any time during the test, directors or control heads can verify the same. The participant will have to accept these controls peacefully, without contesting, under penalty of being excluded from the race, according to the list of penalties in article 2.11.

-The first 5 (five) athletes overall, male and female, of all competitions will be compulsorily inspected, after completion of the competition.

Bib (provided by the organization) to be placed on the chest or abdomen of the athlete and visible during the entire courseXXX
Backpack or similar gearXXX
Water deposit equivalent to 1 liter of capacity (minimum)XX
Water deposit equivalent to 0.5 liter of capacity (minimum)X
Thermal blanket (min. 100×200 cm)XXX
Waterproof jacketXXX
Working mobile phone (with enough battery)XXX
Food reservationsXXX
Cup with 15 cl of capacity, minimumXXX
Headlight (with spare batteries)X  

-For security reasons, it is recommended that participants check their material, in order to make sure that it is in perfect condition for the test.
-Responsibility for guaranteeing and having the mandatory material during the race is the responsibility of the participants.

 2.10 Information about crossing places with road traffic

-Since there will be no road traffic cuts, participants must comply with traffic rules in cities and roads for public use, as well as respect agricultural areas and private properties, under penalty of having to assume potential damages and compensation resulting from the its non-compliance.

2.11 Penalties / Disqualifications

-The race management and the control chiefs present at the controls are responsible for applying the rules and regulations that govern the race, and are therefore authorized to apply the penalties and disqualifications set out in the table below.

INFRINGEMENT (from most to least serious)SANCTION TO BE APPLIED
Not providing assistance to a participant who is in need of assistanceDeclassification and Eradication of Future Editions
Abandoning the race without notifying the organizationDeclassification and Eradication of Future Editions
Share the bib with another person, during part or all of the routeDeclassification and Eradication of Future Editions
Use paths other than those marked for the race, intentionally cutting short the courseDeclassification and Eradication of Future Editions
Using unauthorized transport (ride)Declassification and Eradication of Future Editions
Serious lack of respect for the organization or other participants (aggression or insult)Declassification and Eradication of Future Editions
Remove signage from the routeDeclassification and Eradication of Future Editions
DopingDeclassification and Eradication of Future Editions
Disobey the security measures indicated by the organization and associated entitiesDeclassification
Refusing to undergo medical evaluations/examinationsDeclassification
Absence of mandatory material and/or refusal to present it, if requested by the organizationDeclassification
Exceeding the control time limit at checkpoints with a time barrierDeclassification
Miss one or more checkpointsDeclassification
Loss of Chip and/or tag placed on the bib numberDeclassification
Asking for help without a reasoned needDeclassification
be accompanied by animalsDeclassification
Throwing garbage on the ground and/or damaging the surroundingsDeclassification
Use paths other than those indicated for the test, as long as they do not represent intentional shortcuts.Penalty of 1 hour (1st warning); Disqualification (2nd notice)
Receiving external help outside the areas defined by the organizationPenalty of 30 minutes (1st warning); Disqualification (2nd notice)
Be accompanied by people not accredited by the organization, except in areas defined by the organization1 hour penalty
Modify, fold or hide advertising material1 hour penalty
Headlight/Front (Only in the Trail Ultra event)1 hour penalty
Bib number not visible or attached to legPenalty of 15 minutes, for each warning


2.12 Responsibilities to the athlete / participant

-Participants in the Trail do Porto Moniz event agree to participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility in the competition. Therefore, they agree not to claim or demand from the organization, collaborators, authorities, sponsors and other participants of any liability with them and their heirs, in everything that exceeds the coverage of their responsibilities, that of their collaborators and participants.

2.13 Sports insurance

-The organizer takes out civil liability and personal accident insurance for the duration of the event. This insurance guarantees coverage of your liabilities, those of your employees and participants.

Personal Accidents (the athlete’s responsibility when activating the insurance)
Death or Permanent Disability: € 28.159,00
Funeral Expenses: € 2.253,00
Treatment and Repatriation Expenses: € 4.505,00

Treatment and Repatriation Expenses: € 75,00

-In the event of an accident, the participant must, first of all, contact the organization, which will arrange for their referral to the medical institution most appropriate to their state of health, together with the claim form with the respective policy number , stamped and signed by the club (policyholder). Sometimes, and given the urgency/seriousness of some accidents, it becomes impossible to fill in the participation form at the time of the accident. In these circumstances, the claim may be dealt with after completing first aid to the participant.

-Any and all expense documents related to a claim already reported will be settled in advance by the respective claimant and their originals sent to the insurer for subsequent reimbursement, the insurer will retain the amount relating to the deductible.

-The organization will not assume expenses for claims, which it did not become aware of in a timely manner to activate the insurance.

3 – Registrations 

3.1 Registration process (location, website, payment method)

-Only registrations made on the platform indicated on the website https://trailportomoniz.com/ will be accepted.

Each participant must correctly fill in the registration form and pay the total amount including fees within the stipulated period, the participant being responsible for the veracity of their data.
-The organization is not responsible for any refusal of responsibility by the insurer, resulting from the incorrect insertion of data in the registration form by the participant.
-The means of payment available are: Credit Card, Debit Card and MB net.
-It is not necessary to send proof of payment.
-After confirmation of payment, the name of the athlete will remain in the list of updated subscribers.
-The payment of the registration fee implies a seat reservation.
-Any additional clarification should be requested by email to cmofunchal@gmail.com

3.2 Registration fees and periods

– The registration period is from November 28 to January 31, 2023.
– Athletes affiliated to AARAM – Associação de Atletismo da RAM benefit, during the normal registration period, from a 10% discount on the value of the respective registration fee.
– The registration fees are as follows:

RaceAARAM affiliatedNot afilliates on AARAM
Trail Ultra 48km32,40€36,00€
Trail Longo 26km23,40€26,00€
Trail Curto 12km14,40€16,00€

-Athletes registered in the 2022 edition, which due to bad weather the races were suspended/cancelled will have a 30% discount in the 2023 edition. These athletes will receive a specific link by email to proceed with their registration.

3.3 Conditions for returning the registration fee

-After January 31, 2023, no changes are allowed.
-It is allowed to change the race registration, whenever there is availability of places. This change can only be made until January 31, 2023.
-If the change is for a test with a higher registration fee, the differential will have to be paid. If it is for a test with a lower registration fee, there will be no refund of the difference.
-The reimbursement or transfer of registration to another person may be requested when a participant has a proven impediment to taking the test, provided that it is associated with an accident or a disease diagnosed after registering for the test.
-Cancellation or transfer of registration must be requested by e-mail, using the same address used in the participant’s registration, to cmofunchal@gmail.com or alternatively, by registered letter to the Clube de Montanha do Funchal, Rua da Cooperativa Agrícola do Funchal, block D, 2nd E, 9050-555 Funchal. A medical certificate must be attached to this request.
-Cancellations by telephone will not be accepted.
-The organization will not “freeze” registrations.
-The amounts refunded to participants who meet the conditions mentioned above will vary according to the date on which the refund is requested.
-Refund of paid fees will be made under the following conditions:

Until 16 January 202350% will be returned
after 17 January 2023there is no right to reimbursement

-The amount of reimbursement of paid fees will also be deducted from the commission fee that the organization incurs with the payment service.

– At any time, the organizer of the event may be obliged to cancel the same due to public health issues, security issues, weather conditions, terrorism or “acts of God”, by demand of local government entities or other circumstances beyond the control of the organization. .

3.4 Material included with registration

-Bib number with integrated chip;
– T-shirt alluding to the event (for registrations made until January 16th);
Arrival prize (Finisher Medal) for all participants who complete their race;

3.5 Race event center / times and places (Provisional)

Thursday, 9 February 2023
Check-in – escritório do Clube de Montanha do Funchal – 10h to 19h

Saturday, 11 February 2023
Check-in – Edifício Multiusos do Porto Moniz – 14h to 19h

Sunday, 12 February 2023
05h00 – Opening of the event – Edifício Multiusos do Porto Moniz
05h00 – Start of functioning of the event center

For Check-in, participants must present the following documents:

-Identity card / Citizen Card or Passport.

-Declaration from the person in charge of education duly signed in case the athlete is a minor.

3.6 Services available:

3.6.1 – Services included on the registration

-Personal accident insurance. The values of the coverage and deductible (the victim’s responsibility) of the personal accident insurance will be announced up to 15 days before the beginning of the event;
-Supply of solids and liquids, while in competition, at the designated stations;
-Medical assistance, at the designated posts;
-Transportation from the meeting place to the starting area of the Long Trail and Short Trail tests;
-Transportation for arrival, in case of abandonment or being prevented by the organization from continuing in the race;
-Hot meal upon completion of the race;

 3.6.2 – Other services (optional)

-It is expected that there will be a relaxing massage service after the race, upon payment of €5.00 by the athlete.

4 –Age ranks and awards

4.1 Definition of date, place and time of award delivery


Ratings and Awards:
-There will be an arrival prize (Finisher Medal) for all participants who complete their race.
-The different three races will be won by the athletes who add the shortest time at the end of the same, added the due penalties, if any.
-For the three races, only the participants who control all checkpoints and cross the finish line within the stipulated time will be classified.
-The classification of the teams will be based on the three best classifications of the respective athletes.
-There will be no monetary prizes.
-The organization will not send trophies by post or other means of distribution.
-For each race there will be an individual female and male classification in general, by age group and collective, as follows:

All RacesMalesFemales
OverallTrophy’s to the first 3 Trophy’s to the first 3
All ranksMedals to the first threeMedals to the first three
ColetiveTrophy’s to first three teamsTrophy’s to first three teams

-Award will also be given to the top three overall men’s and women’s teams, as well as the first three men’s and women’s Trail Longo teams as champions of the Long Trail Regional Championship 2022/2023.

4.2 Definition of individual and team age / gender categories

-The levels to be adopted in the Porto Moniz Trail are governed by the regulations of the FPA – Portuguese Athletics Federation.

Males and females:

At the year of the race
F/M JUV (16 and 17 years old) Trail Curto
F/M JUN (18 to 19 years old) Trail Curto  
F/M SEN (20 to 34 years old)

At the day of the race
F/M VET 35 (35 to 39 years old)
F/M VET 40 (40 to 44 years old)
F/M VET 45 (45 to 49 years old)
F/M VET 50 (50 to 54 years old)
F/M VET 55 (55 to 59 years old)
F/M VET 60 (60 years old or more)

-For the purposes of classification and scoring of the athletes in the youth, junior and senior levels, the year of birth of the athlete will be considered, that is, the age that the athlete will be on the 31st of December 2023.
– For the purposes of classification and scoring of athletes in the veterans’ ranks, the age of the athlete on the day of the race, that is, February 12, 2023, will be considered.

4.3 Deadlines to complain rankings

-Any and all complaints must be made in writing and sent to the race director, accompanied by a deposit of €50.00 (non-refundable if the complaint is rejected) within two hours after the arrival of the participant in question. The complaint must contain the name of the complainant, ID/CC number or passport, name of the affected participant, bib number and alleged reasons. Provisional rankings can also be object of complaint, 30 minutes after their publication.
-The Jury, which will analyze the complaint, is made up of the race director, who presides, by the president or vice-president of the organizing club and by a personality of recognized merit in the field of trail running.
-The Jury will pronounce itself before the posting of the official results.
-Participants still have a period of 24 hours to submit classification complaints.


notes and amendments

Image and Publicity Rights

-The organizing entity reserves the exclusive right to exploit the image of the Trail do Porto Moniz event and photographic and journalistic audiovisuals of the event. Any project or advertising media produced for publication must obtain the prior consent of the organization.

-It is mandatory to use the advertising material provided by the organization (bills, stickers, etc.). Modifying, folding or hiding advertising material will be penalized.

Data Protection

-The data of the participants indicated in the registration form will be registered by the organizing entity for the purposes of processing at the event, namely insurance, list of subscribers, news and classification. All participants can exercise their right to access, rectify or cancel their personal data by sending an email to cmofunchal@gmail.com

-If the participant is a member of the ATRP – Associação de Trail-Running de Portugal, the act of registration presupposes authorization for their data to be transmitted for the purpose of preparing the classification, statistics and evaluation of the event, procedures of the responsibility of that Association.


-These rules can be edited, changed or improved at any time by the organizing entity, without prior notice. The fact of registering implies acceptance of this regulation.


-Considering trail running as a modality of physical and mental demand, especially for the ULTRA races and not being possible when preparing the race, to quantify what the real weather conditions will be at the time of the races, the organization always in favor of of the safety of the athletes and members of the organization, reinforces that it reserves the right to change at any time the route that presents the greatest technical and altitude difficulties, also as a result of this, the position of the checkpoints / supply, without notice prior.

-The organization may, whenever it sees fit, update this regulation, according to the needs of the organization, until the deadline for registration.

-The Jury will decide on all matters related to the event that have not been subject to regulation or misinterpretations of this regulation.

-In the absence of any information on this regulation, refer to the Regulation of Trail Competitions of the Athletics Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.[http://atletismodamadeira.pt/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/Reg_Trail_Madeira_2023.pdf]

Version 2022/11/28