The event

Trail do Porto Moniz

The toughness of the lush green on the north coast

10 Editions

Having begun on 2013 Trail do Porto Moniz is already on it’s 10th edition

4.000+ athletes

Throughout the nine editions of Porto Moniz 4202 athletes have participated

21.000 kilometers

If each athlete finishes their race, a total of 21.000 thousand kilometers will be run by the registered runners!

For all

3 distances make that each person has a race suited for herself. From the bravest to the ones who don’t enjoy being so sore the day after

Laurissilva Forest

The biggest portion of the Laurissilva Forest is in this municipality and Trail do Porto Moniz course is 80% inside this amazing forest.


Other than the hundreds of runners Trail do Porto Moniz has an army of 80 volunteers which without them this race wouldn’t be able to exist!

Why our race?

In partnership with the municipality of Porto Moniz, CMoF saw one opportunity to create a Trail-Running event in one of the most wild and beautiful sceneries of Madeira island that also has amazing topographic and weather to be able to practice this sport.

The Clube de Montanha do Funchal is a race organizer with races on it’s portfolio like:

  • MIUT-Madeira Island UItra-Tail
  • Trail do Porto Moniz
  • KM Vertical do Fanal
  • Ronda dos Picos Skyrace
  • MOF- Madeira Orieentering Festival
  • Festival da Natureza 2017

Trail Porto Moniz 2023

The distances


  • 300 places
  • 100m Climb
  • 1300m Downhill
  • Circuito Regional Trail Curto AARAM
  • Circuito Nacional Trail Sprint ATRP



  • 200 places
  • 3700m Climb
  • 3700m Downhill
  • Circuito Regional Trail Ultra AAAM
  • Circuito Nacional Trail Ultra ATRP



  • 300 places
  • 1100m Climb
  • 2700m Downhill
  • Campeonato Regional Trail Longo AARAM
  •  Circuito de Trail Longo AARAM
  • Circuito Nacional Trail da ATRP


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What are you waiting for?

Come challenge your body and mind on the trails made by our ancestors that tried to conquer these mountains! It’s a way to honor their work and to to see the most unique and beautiful that Madeira Island has to offer!

10ª edition
more than 600 runners
3 distances

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